Alicia Escorts in Mallorca Hello loves, my name is Alicia and at 26 I came from South America to spend the nights in Spain. I’m mysterious. an extraordinarily beautiful woman. I have pure fire in everything I do! I have a beautiful face, I am a woman with whom you can talk about everything, I speak several languages.

I am sensitive, polite, respectful and you have the opportunity to enjoy my wonderful company, which will be the best part of your week. With no schedule restrictions and no stress, I love to socialize, go for walks, have dinner and drink wine in company. I know how to give and receive social and aesthetic pleasure. Therefore, there is not a single person who could resist me.

Alicia Escorts in Mallorca

Do you want to experience new sensations? Here you have me to bring all your endless ideas to life. I am an expert in oil painting on canvas. I love art gallery tours and can spend hours admiring the work of famous artists.

I also offer meetings in theaters, which have a special charm and I go there with great pleasure. Always meet with maximum safety, we live in the 21st century and must be responsible for ourselves. So if you are looking for a beautiful as well as smart girl with whom you can have a good conversation, rest assured, I am what you are looking for.

You will love my cute but mischievous face from the moment we meet. Imagine, for example, that you take me to some rocks to see beautiful and peaceful landscapes… Don’t tell me that you don’t want to forget about your work in my company.

Take a dip in my sweet perfume with wild notes and enjoy my precious company while I enjoy yours. Already from my photographs you can see that I am an inexperienced person, but until you get to know me, you will not know to what extent I can give you pleasure from communication.

I am waiting for your contact to arrange our meeting.