Bea escort in Mallorca. Hello hearts, I have just arrived in Mallorca wanting to have fun and get to know the island well. My name is Bea and I am a sweet 27-year-old Spanish escort and dancer. I came to meet beautiful people in Mallorca and enjoy its wonderful beaches.

Bea escort in Mallorca

Personally, I combine my profession as a professional dancer with a luxury escort. I love music, dinners in high-end restaurants and the pleasure of all Latin music and chill out. My former partners say that I am a little restless, that I love leaving the house to try new things and that the wise use of my face and my body makes me a mysterious woman.

As a good Spanish, I love good food. First I like them to cook for me and then I join in too, and to finish with an ice cream cone for dessert. I love long trips from one end of the island to the other and visiting places I have never seen before.
By also knowing the art of masseuses, I know how to remove contractures from a person to relax them and leave them well. Call me!