Camila escort in Mallorca Every woman’s dream is to be like Camila. A beautiful Colombian woman of 27 and a height of 1,60 cm who has just arrived in Mallorca to conquer the world. She is beautiful, intelligent and her people skills make her the perfect company in modern society with high class people. Hours go by running by her side and her natural beauty prevents you from taking your eyes off her.

She dresses in elegant clothes of high quality and always from famous brands. She travels a lot to the United States and Saudi Arabia and returns after spending there time with her suitcases full of gifts of his favorite clothes. She is very classy and always directs her passion with the world of escorting and her university career.

Camila escort in Mallorca

Among her most outstanding hobbies are reading, diving, hiking and auteur cinema. She is a woman who, despite her young age, is capable of engaging in interesting conversation for hours. It is very rare that next to Camila you get bored or don’t know what to do. And it is very ideal for an afternoon with a cake and coffee or a glass of red wine and talks about everything and nothing at the same time. It is magnificent!

Anything to highlight about the beautiful Camila? She is a licensed masseuse with years of experience and is a specialist in sports massages. She is passionate about healthy living, sports and spirituality. If you have the opportunity to meet the escort Camila, we recommend her 100%.