Carol Escort in Mallorca Hello, my name is Carol, I am 24 years old and I am a professional model and luxury escort. I am a sensational companion with a spectacular body. With a great knowing how to be, with a cheerful, friendly, sweet and very passionate character. I am fulfilling my great desire to enrich my life with this magnificent work.

I am focused on harmonizing this life with outside, energy and joy. And it gives me time to study with inspiration something that I love and I live my day to day with my head held high. Every day I have my job and I do it happily and I use all my resources to make people happy with my company! Every day I make my clients full of strength and energy and my clients call me very soon because they want to see me.

Carol Escort in Mallorca

I want us to share a most interesting and fun meeting, to explore the city, every corner and every charm of Palma. I propose that you explain to me your ideas, everything you want to do and let me accompany you wherever you go, be it a museum, an excursion or sailing on your yacht. In my company you will have an encounter that you will not be able to forget.

We are going to share these unique moments from now on in the morning, friend! We make this day full of good memories. I love what I do and this inspires me to leave my mark on this beautiful day! Let me do it! Dare to meet me. Call me. Today I am going to do something nice for a person for my super unknown. It’s the most beautiful thing one person can do to another! It is not like this?