Lorena escort in Mallorca Hello, today we present Lorena, a Colombian magazine and advertising model with a very happy attitude. She is 23 years old and is an experienced luxury escort. Lorena is an educated, cultured and very discreet person. She loves to accompany gentlemen in the most visited places at the moment so she can show off her tremendous physique.

Lorena also really enjoys doing some type of sport together, something like cardio or running. To calm her body and mind she usually goes swimming and ends up loving a Pilates or yoga session. She loves going on trips to hotels with a SPA and rooms with panoramic views of the city.

Lorena escort in Mallorca

She loves listening to her clients in order to help them harmonize their minds and reduce the effect of some stress. She is very informed for it. Lorena loves to cook and also go out to eat something delicious and try absolutely new but always healthy dishes. Afterwards he loves to take a walk through the city with his company and have a drink in a bar where there is live music.

Lorena is a very happy person and grateful for life and for everyone who comes into contact with her. Her charismatic, empathetic character makes her very special and deference among many of our other models. She loves to watch the films of the maestro Fellini and he adores Monica Bellucci as actresses. And also Italian pizzas and pastas and we are not going to forget the Italian fashion and style that drives her completely crazy.

She has a beautiful body with scandalous measurements and promises to comply with everything that is expected of her. Mari is much more than a High Standing companion, she is an artist in her field and boasts about it. Therefore, do not hesitate to call us and quickly request an appointment with this beautiful woman.