Paloma escort in Mallorca Although she has not been in Mallorca for a long time, our beautiful Brazilian escort Paloma is a fantastic companion for leisure appointments. At 25 years old, she is already an expert guide and will know how to be up to the task in all the activities proposed by the client. She exudes sensuality what you can capture with your camera and even better with a brush, she does the posturing and she will be able to demonstrate it without complexes.

She loves to see herself in the photos, which means that when she comes to being a model she gets 100% involved and the best of her, in her you can find a model that really endures hours of more complicated postures.

Paloma escort in Mallorca

As a good Brazilian woman, she has rhythm in her body and is capable of many Latin and European dance styles. Her favorite gastronomy is Italian and she loves outdoor concerts. Undoubtedly a company with a lot of class and with the plus of her natural beauty and elegance well above average.

Lately she has been enjoying hiking on mountain routes and excursions. As a good athlete, she values ​​a healthy life, good nutrition and spirituality. Her character is pleasant and affectionate, she borders on the familiar and likes to get along with everyone. Due to her way of being and her natural beauty, they make Paloma the ideal escort.

Zou will find Paloma always joyfully open to all the possibilities of life, so rich clients always come to her and give her gifts and jewelry. She is very grateful and bestows all her generous attention, so this work brings Paloma a decent income.

She knows perfectly well that her financial prosperity depends entirely on her work in an escort service, and therefore she increasingly invites rich and generous clients to her place.