Sacha escort in Barcelona Hello gentlemen, my name is Sacha, a Russian escort and I am your favorite guide in Barcelona. I have come to Spain to enjoy life here, its gastronomy and the solvent men of this magnificent place. As a good international luxury escort I have traveled the world working in different luxury agencies. Therefore I learned 1000 ways to know how to be in any easy or complicated situation and I am no longer surprised by anything.

As you can see in my 100% real photos, I am a Russian of Tatar origin with tanned skin and a good heart. I’m Sacha, your favorite escort in Barcelona, ​​addicted to shopping and good eating. Hobbies that I combine perfectly in life if you dare to discover it.

Sacha escort in Barcelona

Like a good Tatar, my blood is hot and I will never be still on the date. And whether it is because I am 42 years old, because of my addiction to constant change in everything and every day is different with me or because I was raised in a society very different from that of Europe. I always get what I want and I am easily successful wherever I go. By the way I deserve only the best and I am very fond of financial success on a daily basis. Off course I have no limits on it!

Among my most notable services are national and international trips. I feel very happy traveling and therefore I love to share this joy with you. In every sense and aspect I am my boss and in my life I love rich and successful people. Thats is why I am always in contact with solvent men and women because I love their company.

As a High Standing companion, I know how to behave at parties and social gatherings. I am very fun inside and outside of social gatherings, which makes me the ideal luxury escort in Barcelona. Don’t wait too long and call me!