6 great reasons to become Luxury Escorts in Mallorca

Luxury escorts in Mallorca

Luxury escorts in Mallorca

Have you ever wondered why women decide to choose escort as a profession in Mallorca and why this sex work is so popular all over the world? Several questions come to mind when one decides to become an escort. What is the lifestyle of a high-class Mallorca escort like and is it really worth it? In short, Mallorca escorts are women with incredible powers and sexual skills.

It’s not just about the money

As a budding escort, you need to know that an escort job isn’t just about making money. If you can’t understand this aspect of the profession, you won’t be able to succeed in the escort industry. A good escort offers companionship and personal and sexual intimacy to clients and also your clients will be able to feel it.

Today, with the advent of the Internet, women around the world, including Mallorca, are getting involved in erotic jobs because the Internet has made it so easy. You have the freedom to choose your own clients and who you want to spend time with. On the other hand, you don’t need to be that perfect Barbie doll to become an escort, men have varied tastes and you never know who will end up falling in love with you.

Por qué ser escort Mallorca

Taking all this into account, here are 6 good reasons to become an escort in Mallorca: High earning potential: As a companion, you can aim to earn between € 1,000 and € 2,000 per week. Your earning potential is not just limited to this and depending on the time you can spend providing escorts, you can easily increase your income. You can hope to improve your standard of living.

Better quality of life – You can start exploring various new avenues and places with your clients that might not have been possible otherwise. Escorts are generally considered high-profile women who can offer sexual services along with intimacy and companionship. It is not just about sex, but much more than that. Some clients would like to travel with their companions to luxury hotels and restaurants, tourist excursions and beaches, etc.

To do Escort Mallorca

There is no need to pay taxes. When you get paid, no tax is deducted from your total income. This is because the transaction is not recorded and there is no way for you to pay taxes. These are some of the additional benefits that you can enjoy in addition to the huge package you receive.

Easy Access to a Large Client Base – You don’t need to search for clients using multiple methods when hired by an agency. You can use the agency’s existing internet platform / website to connect with various clients looking for escorts.

The ball is in your court: as a chaperone, you can exercise your free will and choose your own clients with whom to spend your time. Hiring an escort is a two-way street and both you and the client must agree to achieve the perfect unison. If you don’t like the profile of a certain customer, you can always say «no».

Freedom to design their schedule: escorts have all the freedom in the world to choose their work schedules and make their own schedules for appointments. You can inform your manager / agent of your preferences and they will work with you accordingly.

Women who choose to be escorts as a profession have found it to be a rewarding career option because they are respected, can maintain their dignity, and also get paid very well. Apart from this, they travel a lot with their clients, explore new places and visit high profile places. Clients follow an escort according to their availability and their schedule. The best part is yet to come and that is that an escort does not have to inform a boss. Although the agency you work for promotes you, they don’t tie you down by imposing certain restrictions.

If you are considering becoming a high-class escort in Mallorca for erotic services, start by choosing the right agency. There are hundreds of them looking for escort profiles. So give us a call today if you are interested. And we will offer you a place as a luxury escort in Mallorca, as long as you meet a series of requirements.